Fairtale Bohemian Eco Fashion and Bridal Heaven

Once upon a time… there was a little fair maiden with big big dreams, hopes and a sprinkle of ambition! She wanted to make beautiful fair clothes for all to see and wear around the world. These treasures ethically made from fair Eco Fabrics, vintage embroidery, laces and silk materials for all to wear with pride and joy.
These treasures are sustainably hand made with love, hope and fair materials in Australia which make local fair beauties very very happy ever after…. xoxo

I am Fashion designer on a journey to create a beautifully sustainable Fashion label harmonious to our beautiful planet. I'm searching to find ethically made Fashion, Art and Products around the world. Inspiring others and Inspiring a new ethical label.

I see the people of today care more about where their clothing comes from, who made it? where did it grow? why was it created? How was it made? How much fuel did it take to get from their shore to ours?

These questions can lead to so many places, good and bad, but do you really know where your clothes have come from and how much manpower/resources it took for it to get to your back? After seeing so much go to waste in the Fast Fashion industry for so many years and also in more upmarket labels. I think people care more about what they are buying and where it comes from.

Making our lives more sustainable. Because people matter, People care, people love our planet. People love to live harmoniously. A Fairtale for the body, mind and soul. For all fair beauties around the world.

A Fair Maidens Tale from Fairtale...

The End... or just the beginning..

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